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Barbie movie review

My dad and I recently went to see Barbie, and surprisingly, it was a good film with good music, even if it was not my cup of tea. It appealed to young girls and women who have owned Barbie dolls and can see a bit of it in themselves. This movie has been compared to the Black Panther movie and how it deals with societal injustices, but Barbie was much more straightforward with the message.

I like seeing all the different Barbies showcased from the beginning, when Barbie was strictly a fashion model, to now, when he represents all races and professions while maintaining being pretty. Conversely, the movie villain wanted to be chosen by Barbie, but he was always an afterthought in Barbie's world. Barbie was a symbol of independence who did not need a man.

However, Mitch, his best friend, had more reason to be a villain than Ken. I hope that kens have a place to go when they want to be away from Barbies.

The biggest villain in the film was the Barbie Motel toy company, who moved them from the factory to Barbie Land. I appreciated that the president of Barbie Land was willing to change Barbie as a society; the struggles of the males in Barbie Land are like women's.Struggles in our society

The only remaining question is that since Barbie is now real, what, or who is the center of her universe, and is there a place for men? I recommend this movie. It provides a lot of food for thought.

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