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Boruto Naruto Next Generation Review (Episodes 1-217)

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

I think the show is good overall, but not the best. I like seeing what happens to Naruto in the future, and I also like how strong both Naruto and Sasuke have become and that Naruto has matured from a cocky kid to an adult to think more4 carefully about his actions and the consequences of his decisions. I think this speaks to what good writers are. In the new series, I also liked the character of Sasuke’s daughter, Sarada Uchiha. I like Mitsuki, Orochimaru's son; both surfaces are intelligent yet not so bright that it seems unbelievable. I also like the new enemy, The Husk, because they're more organized than the Akatsuki was, plus they have connections to all five nations--not just a bunch of mercenaries.

The leaf village has to face off against the Husk, who are more insidious because their plans are more long-term and more complicated than the original enemies that Naruto faced off against before he became the leader of his village. I also like how the new group is more spread and deeply entrenched in every excellent nation village.

There were a few things I didn't like so far in the series. I wouldn't say I wanted the anime to have a flash-forward in the first episode; I did not think it was necessary to do that because I like animes that don’t show the endpoint and let the characters naturally progress throughout the show. I wouldn't say I initially wanted Boruto, but as the series went on, he has grown on me. Though, I still think he needs a little bit more time to mature into the character that he will become. I don't like that all the hyped characters are called genius, which dilutes its meaning. I think that the word genius was overused in the Naruto series, to begin with; just because somebody has a specific skill set doesn’t necessarily make them a genius. The thing that makes somebody genius, in my opinion, is the unique way they use their skills. Plus, I would think that Boruto, being as bright as he is, would understand the pressure that his father is under as a leader of the village, but he still doesn't understand all the responsibilities that come with being a leader. And then, as the viewer, you have to wait a long time in the series to see Boruto understand the pressure of being a leader. Plus, it doesn’t help that the lead scientist of the leaf village calls Boruto "young Lord," who feels like somebody reinforcing higher than average expectations for Boruto to aspire to and inflates his ego.

I think the lesson that the series can teach us is don’t put too high an expectation on your children because their goals might not be the same as their parent’s goals for them. I think the one thing I would change about the show is not to have a flash-forward and let the story take as long as it takes to reach its endpoint. Boruto Norton's next generation is a continuation of Naruto series, both of which had the same theme of the younger generation surpassing the older generations limitations. I also believe Boruto has the theme of accepting and adapting to change. I think the series is not the most outstanding overall, but I think it does an excellent job of hammering home its points to everyone watching it. What are your thoughts on Boruto Naruto next generation

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