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Child's Play Movie Review

So this was a movie I actually wanted to get around to for Halloween, but slipped my mind, so here it is now! I had only seen bits and pieces of it over the past couple of years and had never watched the full movie. I actually remember that one of the Child's Play movies gave me nightmares back in the day. I enjoyed it overall and found it very interesting specifically when Charles Lee Ray is able to successfully use voodoo to transfer his soul into the doll right before his human body dies.

One of the characters I enjoyed was the mother because she cared about her son and what happens to him. In many other scary movies, you often see negligent parents who don’t pay attention to their kids and start to put that responsibility on the shoulders of somebody else. She really takes her son, Andy, seriously about Chucky being alive and a murderer which is something I wouldn't expect to see in any other horror movie.

I like the fact that the movie was believable, that the adults did not believe Andy at first because most adults want to eliminate any illogical reasons for a child’s misbehavior before they start to believe in crazy stories, such as a doll is going around killing people. I am however glad that the got around to the right conclusion eventually. I also liked how Chucky found very inventive ways to commit his murders and he was a very fast learner when it came to hiding in plain sight. There were a lot of instances in this film where Chucky was in just the right place at the right time to commit the murder that he intended to.

The main thing I did not like about this film is that it was so short. I would've preferred a longer film with a larger pool of victims and a deeper reason that Chucky felt the need to kill other thank just killing to kill. However that being said, they crammed a lot into a short run time. I especially liked the use of voodoo in this film, I thought that was a unique touch, and it was nice to know that when Chucky isn't being let down by the people that he trusts, Chucky can be a relatively good friend, which tells shows he can show a less-insane side. That being said, Chucky definitely deserved what he got at the end of the first film and the subsequent films that he appears in. I recommend this film to any horror fan or any person trying to get into the horror genre. To anyone who has seen the original child’s play what are your impressions of the film?

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