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Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Donald Trump Review

I just recently read this book and thought it was well-done, showed Trump's passion of winning even at things with no stakes, such as the game of golf. I think it shows really well Trump's shady, superficial side and I like the author's perspective of how golf should be, which is a contrast to Donald Trump's take on the sport.

This book highlights Trump's shady tactics by showing how he would do anything to help his businesses grow. He boasts about how his businesses are the greatest, however doesn't pay his employees the way a great, reputable business would. For instance, the golf course designers who weren't paid what they asked for are mentioned in the book. In addition to that, he only really care more about appearances than actual function.

It also shows that Trump does not care at all about the environment/he only cares about anything up to the point that it will benefit him or affect his business, such as claiming his proposed wall idea for the Bedminster golf course would somehow slowdown environmental damage. He's also just a bribe, like the time he took his banker out on the course to talk about extending some of his debts.

This book also states that Trump seems to not respect world leaders who do not play golf, Trump is not a team player by nature, so theoretically, golf is the perfect game for him. Despite his lack of respect for other leaders, Trump is an almost natural politician. The only difference between him and a real politician is that Trump will lie, just make himself look good whereas a politician sometimes knows where to draw the line between truth and lies.

I liked the author's passion for the game of golf and shows his disgust for Politicians who don't play golf treats the game. This book illustrates that golf was originally meant for everybody to be able to play and the loyalty that a caddy can have towards the people that they carry clubs for, and going back to the history of golf, it's supposed to be about the camaraderie between the "average" and the "rich," but that has warped over time. I get the impression that the caddies are treated as lesser, but I don't think that should the case since they play such an important role.

I found this book to do a good job of providing a deeper understanding of Trump as an individual through the context of golf. I learned through this book, that Trump will really cheat at anything, which I guess I wasn't thinking before. I liked the way the author wrote this, in a kind of humorous way. I recommend this book if you want to have a deeper understanding of Donald Trump. If you've read it, let me know your thoughts down below.

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