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The Godfather book review

I saw the movie a long time ago and thought I should read the book. The book clarified several things I did not understand when I saw the movie. Originally, I thought the most interesting character was Johnny Fontaine, Vito Corleone’s godson, a major Hollywood star was down on his luck, and he needed his godfather’s help to get him back on top. Vito did manage to get Johnny Fontaine back on top. Vito Corleone was able to give Johnny Fontaine the money that he needed to produce his movies. He was also able to intimidate the sleazy movie producer by getting rid of his prized horse. The one thing Johnny Fontaine learned throughout this book is that fame can get you a lot of things, but fame cannot make somebody love which is something Johnny Fontaine wanted as much as he wanted to sing, which he had trouble with because of something in his throat which he was able to get fixed. I think the biggest take away from his character, is that no matter how famous somebody gets there always be problems that they cannot resolve with money or power

Vito Corleone had a good head on his shoulders for someone who engaged in crime. His lawyer, Tom Hagan, was an expert in the law and he was able to keep keeping Vito out of trouble and even out of jail. Legal Corleone made good decisions in general, but I think it was hard to break tradition and make Tom Hagan, the Godfather, I think that would have been a better choice than any of his sons I think that Tom Hagan would have been the perfect person to take over his position, simply because Tom Hagan understood the full business. The best

choice to be the next Godfather. I think this because Sonny his oldest son had a short temper and did not control it while Frito his middle son did not seem to have the characteristics that Vito was looking for in a leader and his youngest son. Even though he was Vito’s chosen successor had no interest in the business whatsoever. I feel as if Michael only took over his father’s position out of his loyalty to his family more than anything else. Thankfully, Vito lived long enough to teach Michael what he needed to know to run the organization effectively before suffering a massive heart attack

Vito passed on a couple of things I thought he should have done besides being involved with gambling. Why not be involved in the sex trade and with drugs since he was up to his neck in an illegal business anyway. I understand that he felt the risk in getting involved in the drug trade was too great, but I think it was something that he should have at least tried to be involved in before dismissing the idea and I think it would be important for any criminal enterprise to at least have knowledge of the drug trade and new drugs that were coming on the black market will

I enjoyed this book tremendously and I recommend this book to anyone who has watched has watched the Godfather film I also know it is the Godfather is a template for a lot of the gangsters. It seemed movies that are seen these days. The most obvious example of this. I can think off the top of my head of the Sopranos and I think this book would be a hit with anyone who is fascinated by crime novels,

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