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Injustice Movie Review

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

I just watched Injustice, the new animated movie from DC Comics. I enjoyed this movie, a more nuanced dive into the characters of the DC universe. I thought the movie portrayed a realistic depiction of how anyone would react to the death of a close, loved one. There was an exciting plot choice twist regarding the Flash and amount of superhero deaths. Finally, there were just some things I wish I could've seen differently.

I first and foremost enjoyed that it was a slow descent for Superman to go into outright murder, even though there was lots of tragedy. I just liked how you got to see him try and fight his trauma, and it eventually takes over. Going further, I did think his murder of the Joker was justified and something that most people would do under the grief Superman was experiencing. I understand that the murder of Superman's wife by The Joker would not only justify Superman killing The Joker but also subsequent anguish and grief that would lead to him not being himself. However, Superman takes it too far, and the killing he does afterward is not justified. Furthermore, I liked each character’s reaction to this "different" Superman, which was also an effect of the mental trauma.

Next, I thought it was an exciting twist that there was such a mix of people who lost their lives, given that in most DC movies, the characters have an easy fix around dying, which I liked. In this movie, they took that easy fix away by killing off the Flash, who was everyone's easy fix to surviving longer since he could go back in time and change things. The writers also put another twist on the story by killing Jimmy Alston, Superman's cameraman, which I also think played a role in Superman's mental state.

One thing I wish I would've seen would be Superman and Wonder Woman getting together in this film because Wonder Woman was his biggest supporter, even when he was doing questionable things. I would like to see that relationship mature even though Superman was going down a dark path. I always felt that Wonder Woman was a better fit for Superman, given that one is technically immortal and one ages at one-fourth the speed of humans.

Lastly, I also thought that the military leaders in this movie were very hypocritical. They didn't even take time to understand what Superman was trying to do. They just wanted their wills to be carried out through Superman and never considered that there would be a breaking point for him. They essentially wanted a living weapon that would only carry out their will, and I felt that the military was wrong in their assessment Superman. But although his intentions were positive, the old saying goes, "The road to hell is paved with good intention."

I hope there will be an Injustice Two eventually since this movie shows how easy it would be for an excellent person to turn into their worst nightmare. I think that the film shows that no matter the kind of superhero or how strong their moral fiber is, there is always a breaking point. Even the best superheroes can go down a dark path, and we should never forget that there are breaking points in every superhero. I think this film was fantastic. What did everyone else think about this movie?

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