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My thoughts on the fragility of democracy

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

I am thrilled with the result of the election. The right person won this time, one important lesson I learned from the previous election. However, I was never to expect my candidate to win even when it seemed like an inevitability because anything can happen. It is best for everyone who votes in any election to be patient and wait until the whole thing is done. One of democracy's greatest strengths is that if the voters are unhappy with the performance of the current leader, there is always a chance to vote that leader out and find a better leader who more closely identifies with the issues that the voter cares about. I think the one thing I can take away from the Trump presidency is the understanding that democracy is a fragile thing that everybody must constantly fight for because it is straightforward for democracy to become a dictatorship.

Another thing the Trump presidency has taught me is that we must always be mindful of those political figures that have authoritarian tendencies because it is easy to twist a seemingly strong democracy into a dictatorship; the most potent example of this. I think is Hitler’s rise to power because he was elected democratically. Then, he slowly turned his government into a dictatorship without too many people noticing because he did it so slowly. That is just the most potent example of what can happen when people forget how fragile democracy is

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