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My Thoughts on The Simpsons

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

I have watched The Simpsons series ever since I can remember, so I thought it was cause for a very broad review of the show. The Simpsons is, hands down, a fantastic show and lasted longer than I’ve been alive (over 30 years *gasp*). I mean most shows are canceled after only a few seasons, even if they’re good, but The Simpsons has somehow survived for quite some time. I think it's because the foundation of the show is built on the premise of an everyday "family," and shows some relatable stories with a likable cast of characters. There's also many interesting facts about its origins. One, the Simpsons is actually based off of the creator's real life family, and he writes himself as Bart. Two, the show was originally created in the 80s as a series of shorts for the Tracy Allman show, which evolved into the current version of the Simpsons series that we know today.

The Simpsons are a very basic, nuclear family which includes Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa. There is also a cat named Snowball and a dog named Santa’s Little Helper. The stories are very relatable, like ones about growing up, adjusting to new circumstances, or having your first crush.

Given that the show has been around for so long, they of course do some great holiday specials. Specifically, I thought that the Halloween specials, called the Tree House of Horrors, are the most entertaining. The episode I liked the most was when Homer stuck a fork into a toaster, where he gets electricuted and somehow begins time traveling. He arrives to one time period where his family gains lizard features, another where Ned Flanders is giving lobotomies to prevent people's rage, and so many outrageous but funny moments. The episode also plays with the idea of don't kill something in the past because it will of course alter something in the future. I think my favorite episode so far, though, is where they emulate the movie, A Boy's Life, where it follows Bart from childhood into teenage years and into adult life. I would've thought Bart would become a writer, which is what the creator is, but Bart turns into an artist.

There's also lots to say about the town of Springfield, which feels like a character itself because it has such eccentric population, such as Crusty the Clown, who was actually supposed to be Homer in disguise, but the creators decided to make him a completely different character. There's also Hans Moleman who's always involved in crazy situations, but the show never zooms in on him, just always happens to be aroudn. Or Disco Stu who's always dressed and talks as if he's in the 1970s. I think if I had to pick a favorite character, it would have to be Homer because he is just a man who is trying to support his family the best he can. He works his job as the safety inspector at the nuclear power plant, which he hates, but I think a lot of people these days can very much relate to that.

I will say that I think a lot of the shows that came after The Simpsons have simple been pale imitations of the original because I think they tried too hard to copy elements of it. But that just says all the more about The Simpsons and how it was a driving force behind the types of cartoons that subsequently came later in the decade. In conclusion I think The Simpsons is a fantastic program that anyone can enjoy or at least find something they like, and I'd recommend the show to everybody. If you've been watching The Simpsons over the years, what do you like about it the most?

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