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The Bad Batch - Season One Review

Updated: Jan 17

I thought season one was pretty good, but a little rapid for my taste. The introduction takes us back to Order 66 fast, and I think it could've been drawn out a little more in-depth. More specifically, I would've liked to see more with the missions and see Crosshair get a little more disenchanted with Hunter's leadership rather than tweak his brain. Like I wish his aggression would've come out more naturally than artificially.

At the end of the first season Crosshair decides to stay loyal to the Empire, because he feels like you can't do anything but be a soldier and given all the horrible things he has done in service of the Empire He felt comfortable being a soldier and simply wants to be useful to somebody even if that somebody was an authoritarian government that asked its soldiers to do unpleasant things. It is hard to know how much of Crosshair's actions were due to the way he was raised or his actual choice as it is very difficult to break from the conditioning that you were raised with. I think that conditioning was the reason why he made the decisions he made.

I’m going to recommend the show to any Star Wars fan because I believe it is a solid continuation of storylines from the clone wars TV show has a very deep message about how much of one’s life choices are due to nurture and how much of our choices are strictly free will, because it will come down on the side that Crosshair himself didn’t have a choice. If any of you have seen season one, what are your thoughts on the show?

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