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The interesting things I did last weekend

Most Americans are aware that when the war in Afghanistan ended the United.

States abandoned many Afghans who lived with and helped US troops for many.

years. The movie Covenant Filmed by Guy Ritchie is about one such incident which.

affected one American soldier to his core. This is the movie I saw with my parents.

last week.

The story was filmed in Afghanistan and is based on what actually happened when.

a small group of American troops grew to know and depend on Afghanis for

assistance and survival

In the movie Jake Gyllenhaal, plays an Army sergeant, who worked with an Afghan.

interpreter who, over time supports and guides him in life and death situations even.

fighting against his own people. Eventually, the Army Sargent gets terribly wounded.

And his interpreter Ahmed carries him for miles over desert mountains to get him.

back to Baghram Air Force Base where he gets medical care and then goes home.

to California.

The Sargent cannot get over his shame of leaving his trusted Afghan friend behind.

He knows his friend and family will be killed by the Taliban. In spite of

incredible odds he is able to get back to Afghanistan and save his friend and his wife.

and child. It was a very exciting movie.

Afterward, we ate at Jongro BBQ, a Korean BBQ at Wheaton Mall. The food was.

excellent and the food was great. My parents drank beer, and I had a soda, What.

stood out was the amount of beef and chicken we had to cook over a grill. The beef

had a light drizzle of some sweet soy sauce which was a standout. We can’t wait to

go back.

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