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A Treasury of Royal Scandals: The Shocking True Stories History's Wickedest, Weirdest, Most Wanton

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

I recently read this book and found it incredibly interesting. The title is an excellent description of its contents. Many of them I had not read about before, and all of them were interesting. For example, the Borgia family was a wealthy family in Rome who advised royalty on dealing with political issues, mostly involving the Vatican. In fact. Through political connections and over time, four members of the Borgia family rose in the Catholic church, and two became corrupt Popes during the 14th and 15th centuries.

I also enjoyed the story about King Edward II, 3king of England ..... between 1307 and 1327. I knew he was self-centered and only interested in entertaining himself, much to his father's disappointment. He died at age 43 at the hands of his advisor grossly and disgustingly. To find out exactly, you should read the book.

Another story I enjoyed is about King George III and the unusual disease that killed him. I initially thought that King George was just crazy after the Revolutionary War, but in reality, much of his behavior was caused by the

The disease of porphyria His grandmother also died from this genetic disease. For more information about this disease, you can Google Pro.....

There are many other exciting chapters, but this sample should tweak your interest.

I think the saddest story I heard in this book was about what happened to the last czar of Russia and his family. Of course, I knew the general level, but I did not realize how brutal their treatment was. They should have at least some semblances of a trial, even if the verdict were given. They could have found a better marksman to make the deaths as quick and painless as possible. Still, I think the thing that is off the most is that the people involved in the execution were sold heartless that they thought nothing of violating certain corpses, as well as not giving them a proper radar burial. For that, I hope that all the individuals involved in this horrible crime, including Rasputin, have their special place in hell. One of the funnier stories in this book is the fact that Napoleon is off so much that the priest cuts off his penis out of spite. This book jumps around in history, which is slightly confusing but okay. When you realize how much history is covered out of curiosity to anyone who has read this book. What did you think was the best or worst story?

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