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Aladdin Animated Movie Overview

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

The movie starts with a Middle Eastern peddler trying to sell defective products. He focuses on a lamp and rubs it until smoke covers the screen. The entire story is told to the audience by the peddler, who we later learn is the genie of the lamp. The smoke clears, and we see a tall figure in the desert riding a horse. He puts two halves of a small gold object together, which takes off in the sky, shining like a meteor. When it comes back to land, it looks like a living cave. It turns out to be a massive creature whose open mouth is the entrance to the shelter. As the beast takes shape, it asks, who disturbs my slumber? The animal won't let the hooded figure (Jafar) enter, telling him he lacks the right character traits to enter the cave and will only allow people with honor to enter.

The man on horseback goes back to the city and uses a magical device to find someone who can help him get into the cave. Looking into this device, he spots Aladdin. Aladdin is a street beggar who turns out to be the person Jafar is searching for. Alladin is a thief who spends his days stealing food and escaping the palace, security, and the security for the city. Alladin was about 18 years old when we first met him. He steals bread from a vendor, planning to eat it and share it with his pet monkey, Abu. But he gives it to a poor woman and her two children. Strangely, we never see her or her kids again.

About this time, we meet Princess Jasmine, a beautiful young lady with a strong will. Her father, the Sultan, is trying to find a husband for her. Unfortunately, he does not know anything about his daughter’s desires. He acts strangely and a bit slow. Jafar makes most of the decisions for him about ruling the kingdom. We understand that he generally cares about his daughter. He does not understand her.

Jasmine decides to sneak out of the palace after a disastrous meeting with one of her many suitors to explore. I find this hilarious because she forgets that people need money to survive. She sneaks past trained bodyguards and wanders to the city, marveling at different things. It is clear from her exclamations of wonder about everyday things that she has not been outside the palace walls for most of her life.

Aladdin is going about his typical day when he bumps into Jasmine and then watches her from a short distance. When she finds something she likes, she does not understand she has to pay for it, and she doesn't have any money. He tries to help her. He is surprised to hear she is a princess. Not entirely believing it, he convinces the shopkeeper that Jasmine is his crazy sister. Then he shows her around the poor part of the city where he lives, and she spends the night with him, talking about her life. The following day, the guards find her and take her back to the palace.

On her return, she and her father have a deep conversation about things she saw and experienced on her journey. She explains she feels trapped like a caged bird and releases some birds to emphasize her point.

Meanwhile, Aladdin has been put in prison for previous offenses he committed. Jafar finds him, and together, they go to the magical cave to get the lamp. Many thrilling and fantastic adventures follow.

This journey is an elephant. They fly back to the city, where the genie orchestrates a large parade that makes it is way down the streets. Aladdin makes his way into the palace and introduces himself to the Sultan. He is impressed by his flying carpet. Aladdin tells the Sultan that he can ride on the carpet. If you want to do so, he accepts the offer, flies around for a few minutes, and then Jafar stops him using his snake staff to hold the carpet down. I think that Jafar studied sorcery at some point in his life, so he understands when most magic is being used and is unimpressed. Of course, I believe this to be because he knows who Aladdin is. Aladdin leaves to let the Sultan think over the possibility of him marrying Jasmine; of course, she is still furious at the fact that her father feels it necessary to choose a husband for her. Of course, at her age. She does not realize that most Palm men do similar things. At least they did in ancient times. Of course, the time. Of this movie is unclear. I think it takes place at some point in the future with some massive disaster. Having sent society reeling and re-adopting some ancient practices, which serve them well in previous entries. I also conclude because the people seem to have a deep understanding of magic that would take centuries to learn. Of course, the information I am drawing this from is from the animated series after the movie, but the series takes place a bit after the second movie in this franchise. It is reasonable to speculate that there are more kingdoms in this desert region. Then we see on screen Aladdin basks in his success. Later that evening, he takes the magic carpet. He flies up to Prince Jasmine's balcony, not realizing that she is still annoyed by the fact that both the Sultan and Aladdin take her compliance with her father's decision as a certainty. She pushes Aladdin off the balcony. He falls, but he falls on top of the carpet. She is intrigued by the carpet and decides to ride with him. They ride through the night. Two different regions of the world while singing a song about exploring the world after the song is concluded. Aladdin takes her back to her balcony, and Aladdin, thinking the night has been a success, ignores where Years floating to Jafar and four guards see him and decide to execute him. They throw him in what looks like a reflecting pool but is much deeper than it looks. Aladdin accidentally rubs a lamp. The genie comes out, realizing that Aladdin cannot speak to make a wish. The genie gets him out of the water with no penalties. Aladdin takes some time to recover and then storms into the throne room, accusing Jafar of trying to kill him; when he sees Jafar trying to control the Psalms thoughts with the snake staff that he carries with him at all times, he runs up and smashes the snake staff and in the Sultan has Jafar taken away to the same prison that he was in before, so it is implied that Jafar can leave at any time that he wishes to. He has his parents dress up like a flamingo and steel. The genie's lamp is off the windowsill; when he gets the lamp, he comes to the Psalms throne room and has the genie move the castle to Cliff. Then, he wishes to become the most powerful sorcerer in the world. He reforms his snake staff, which he uses as a conduit for his power again, giving the impression that he had studied sorcery at some point in his life, most likely during his youth. He also wishes to become Sultan; he strips the Sultan of his clothes, resizes them for himself, and banishes Aladdin and the carpet to what I assume is the South Pole. Aladdin digs the carpet out of ice and flies back to Agrabah within a few minutes; though it probably took him a few hours during the intervening time, Jafar chains Jasmine to himself so she cannot get away. He also changes the Sultan to the wall and has Iago feeding crackers because his parent feels that he was treated unfairly by the Sultan; of course, the Sultan does not realize the parent was as intelligent as he is; of course, the phone cannot be posted for this because the parent probably hit his intelligence well over the years when Aladdin returns Jafar imprisons Jasmine an hourglass, attempting to drown her in a mountain of sand. He also turns himself into a gigantic cobra and coils around the hourglass, throwing swords and Aladdin's path to slow him down. Aladdin and breaking Jasmine free, Jafar uses his final wish to become the genie of the lamp, which he does, becoming ten times more massive than he was before. Also, he turned dark red, and the second lamp appeared because, with every genie, there needed to be someplace to house it. Jafar conveniently forgets this fact. Aladdin picks up the black second lamp instead of the genie’s gold lamp. He holds the lamp up, and Jafar is sucked inside. Then, the genie hurls Jafar deep into the desert, and Aladdin decides to read the genie as he promised the genie; surprised by this, he decides to take a vacation. Most likely going to Hawaii. Given his choice of clothing, the movie ends with Aladdin and Jasmine on the magic carpet with a mold over their heads. the movie is loosely based on Aladdin story from A Thousand Arabian Nights, a story which I highly recommend you read to understand the actual character of Aladdin because, in the actual story, Aladdin is less virtuous and more how you would expect someone who was raised when he was to be in short, whenever watching a Disney movie. I recommend that you return to the source material on which the movie was based. Whenever you are ready to do that. Going back to the sword here will give you a better understanding of what part of the story was changed or taken out altogether. I always recommend you do that for any movie that you enjoy getting a deeper understanding of the characters themselves.

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