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Archer TV Show Review

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

So, for one thing, the show shows Archer checking his expense account and constantly getting yelled at for all the crazy stuff he expenses like prostitutes and gambling. Whereas, I feel like, in James Bond, you don't see parts like that that would make it seem more real. I also find it comical that Archer works for his mother more so in a family business setting and not some sort of agency. So instead of this upscale, well-composed super-spy, we get this kind of oblivious, dull version of a spy, which I think adds to the comedy. I will say he does have the classical inflated ego habits and inability to take help that I would say the cliché spy would have.

Other than Archer, the other characters are just as outrageous and exciting. I think Pam is hilarious because she's the mild-mannered woman from HR, but then, on the weekend, she's a whole other person sleeping around, drinking, gambling. Then there's Cheryl, who I also like because she has this weird obsession with fire and commits all this arson. The mad scientist, Krieger, is a hoot because he does random things like cloning people and playing around with radiation. Lastly, I think the mom's dynamic with Archer is funny because he's essentially doing what she did and is like her in many ways, yet hates her simultaneously. As you might be able to tell, I'm a huge fan of chaos and destructiveness.

In conclusion, I love how this show depicts spies in a satirical way than we typically know spy TV/movies to be. The characters all have these weird yet funny personalities that make the show super different and make for a great laugh. I just finished watching the episode where the voice actress of the mother changes, so I'm curious to see where they'll take things! Have you seen Archer yet? Let me know what you think!

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