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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

This is

great for the Christmas season. The book took me five minutes to read which was surprising because I thought it was longer than that. The story starts with the Grinch being annoyed by loud music that came from a nearby town. People think the Grinch is like a grumpy old man. It is believed that his heart is three sizes too small.

The book also tells us that the grinch has been annoyed by Christmas for 23 years. So the Grinch hatches a plan to steal everything that is related to Christmas. including the Christmas tree, the stockings, and most likely the cookies for Santa, The Grinch enlists his dog, Max puts a horn on his head to imitate. He also finds an old red suit a sleigh and some bags and he goes down to the town and. steals all the things that we associate with Christmas. e He does not even leave food enough for mouse. The first house he hits he is interrupted by a little girl Cindy Lou who the Grinch quickly lies to the girl gets her glass of water and continues his way, and on Christmas Day he is lugging his stolen goods up his mountain when he stops to secure the whales and cries of disappointment. All here is however singing at this point. The Grinch seems to realize that Christmas is more than about the physical manifestations of the holiday. It is never stated in the book, but I believe he also might have felt a slight amount of guilt for what he had done. So he goes back down to the town and returns all the gifts and everything else that he took in the book. By doing that his heart grew three sizes’ There have been several movies made about this story that has always. It is always a clever idea to look back at the source material before seeing any adaptation. I recommend this book to anyone. Happy holidays to everyone.

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