I hope everyone is doing well.

I had a pretty good day today. I my parent's house in the morning to go back to my place at about 11-ish I seriously thought that my mother had taken the envelope with the stuff I had to return t Amazon with her, but when I looked over it it was still on the chair so my mother had to come back to get it so I sent the shipping label so My dad could get it printed. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if I should have just replaced my Google but with another one. Sometimes, because I had gotten so used to the Controls, but I am glad that I got the phone that I have now the next time I get the protective case with whatever phone I replace this with. I currently have the galaxy S 20 I am not quite as familiar with the controls. As I was with the google pixel 2 so I am still figuring it out as I go along, and I honestly think that trial and error is the best way to learn most things in most cases as I was searching for some breakfast this morning. I found out that it is my parent's 45th anniversary so I just want to say congratulations on surviving 45 years. And to everyone else who may be reading this, I hope you have happy and safe holidays

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