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I just Finished Peril And this is my review Of Bob Woodward's new book

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

my mother requested that I review Peril this book. is the latest book about The last Few months of Donald Trump's presidency It was written by Bob Woodward The book is A pretty good book Which Talks about the 2020 election Of course I was aware of most of this stuff because I watch the news just to stay up-to-date on what is happening. I think the main problem with Donald Trump is that He never really understood what the powers of the president are and where a president’s limitations are. He was trying to run the country in the same way that he ran his company, and I do not deny that he was able to speed up the production of vaccines significantly and was able to make countries pay more money than they were originally payingTo Nado But that is all general, Mark Millie also plays a huge role in this book, I believe he was one of the individuals trying to keep Trump under control. This book gives us snapshots of the presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and I think it does a great job showing why Joe Biden is the kind of president we needed four such uncertain times it shows Joe Biden’s cool head in the face of the pandemic. This book also shows some mistakes. Joe Biden made this during the campaign. For example, his tendency to hug and kiss. Perfect strangers. Of course, Joe Biden did these things without thinking about them because he is a very caring individual. At least that is what it seems like in my opinion. I have said this before, but I think one positive thing that Trump was able to do was to show just how much work this country has to do when it comes to Working on Issues that divide us Such as Racial Tension income inequality we also need to work on Finding trustworthy Sources of information Such as CNN or Al Jazeera Or the Instead of depending on sources of miss information such as Fox News Or RT A news channel backed by the Russian government Which has been used to spread Russian propaganda This book also shows that Trump did not understand how serious the protest in Charlottesville was because he still was under the impression that some good people were mixed in with white supremacists. I think in this book, one example would be his passive support of the protest in Charlottesville. Another would be the fact that he would easily believe conspiracy theories, all because he wanted to believe anything that would help him hang onto power for as long as he could, I recommend this book to anyone who considers themselves a Political junky or just interested in understanding reasons behind the 2020 election Craziness. As well as January 6th

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