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King of the Hill Show Review

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

I’ve been thinking about King of the Hill recently because they announced they will bring back the series, which I'm excited about. I think this show was an excellent program with a whopping 10-year reign and lots of nostalgia from watching it when I was younger. I like it because it mainly focuses on one family and shows them going through everyday things, nothing extraordinary. I think King of the Hill was also a blueprint for many animated programs that came after, like Bob's Burgers, for example.

The main thing I liked about the show was its outstanding representation of what every community has: all of these personality types living in one area. For instance, we have the classic father figure, conspiracy theorist, town gossiper, and know-it-all. It had the well-roundedness of a cast and an excellent classic mix of people. The show showed that even in typical situations, there can be funny moments.

The show focused on the relationship between the father, Hank Hill, and his son, Bobby, and their differences and similarities. For example, Bobby likes comedy, whereas Hank finds his son's interests odd. Bobby's primary interest is comedy, and he tries to be a comedian. A lot of the episodes were about Bobby growing up in general. The main focus with Hank was on him adjusting to having a son so different from himself. Hank was a football star in high school and would have preferred his son to follow in his footsteps.

While the show zoomed in a lot on Hank and Bobby, there were other characters involved as well who made the show entertaining. You had Dale Gribble as the conspiracy theorist neighbor who also has an unfaithful wife, Nancy, who was a weatherwoman on the news. I wish, in Dale's case, there was one friend who told him his wife was cheating on him, which I think is unfair to him even though his character is a conspiracy theorist. I also never understood why she stayed with them. Another character was the neighbor, a kid from Laos who they write as the stereotypical overachieving Asian. We find out, as the series goes on, that he suffers from depression and wants to be accepted in society. I think this is because he wants to feel like he made it in life and that all his sacrifices to get his family to America meant something.

Boomhauer, who we find out in the last episode, is a law enforcement officer. He's an interesting one because you never really know what he does at the end; he's kind of just there. Like, does he live off of social security the whole time or what? There is also Bill, who works for the military as a farmer and is also divorced. The sad thing about that is that there is no natural closure for Bill regarding his acceptance of his situation. I hope that when they bring the show back, they put him in a happy, sustainable relationship because he deserves it after all the torment he went through.

I would not change a thing about this program because I think it was a well-written program, and I am thrilled that it is being brought back. I am often not a fan of getting the shows back from their grave, but I am delighted that they are bringing back other programs similarly. I think it is essential that if someone is thinking about bringing back a show that has ended, they go to the original creator, if possible, to get the same continuity to the front and honor the source material. What are your thoughts on the show? Are you excited that it's coming back?

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