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"Let's dive into a review of the movie Inside Out!"


I have been thinking about this movie recently, and it's been talked about on all social media platforms because of the second inside-out movie that recently came out. So, I decided to review the first movie before watching the second one. I like this. I wondered what emotion would dominate my control room in the film because I could not do everything. All the classic emotions would still be there—sadness, joy, etc. I think anger or sadness due to my disability, which is something that is beyond my control, would dominate my control. Room, the main character Riley's parents are moving, and her father needs to find another job. Something that would cause stress and anxiety in any family, no matter how close-knit that family is. In the movie, the main character, Riley, has to deal with having to move because of a change in her father’s employment situation. Her mother and father tried to ease her into it, and at one point, Riley lies to her parents and says she accepts the changes that are coming rapidly in her life. Of course, this is a lie to make her parents not worry about her when Riley decides to run away and try to return to her former neighborhood. She is nine years old and is unsuccessful in achieving that goal. Her parents subsequently find her and doubly reassure her that she will adjust to the changing circumstances of her life.

Eventually, during those changes, there was to be support for her joy, the leader in Riley’s mind, and those tools with good intentions. It is also hard for her to accept change, especially when no motion of sadness is introduced into Riley’s changing circumstances. Joy finds it challenging to have a good relationship with his new motion, which has to be done for a control room to function normally in this movie. Think of a human being like a power plant, and joy and sadness go on an exploratory journey to fix what they perceive as broken. However, the power plant is not damaged. It is simply going through the changes that an adolescent would experience in a highly stressful situation.

I like movies that simplify complicated emotional situations for a younger audience and promote insightful conversations in many households. I have realized that the hardest things for me as an adult are my friendships since childhood and the efforts to expand my social network, for lack of a better term. As an adult, it is critical to throw in with a bunch of people who do not know you but, over the years, will come to accept you or want you as a young kid. It does not matter so much who likes you and who does not. But as an adult. The social network that you have created over the years becomes increasingly important, and finding new additions to that social network becomes increasingly difficult. However, it is doable with patience and time. As long as one’s standards are not too rigid, this movie teaches one to give time and patience. Human beings can adapt to almost any situation they find themselves in. I recommend this movie to everybody. And who knows, you might get something out of it. That is different from what I got out of it, but I think you will find some childhood experiences to relate to regardless of age. I think, overall, this movie is about accepting change

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