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Memories I have in Vermont

everyone, I am writing this at the request of my mother so that it can be added to a collection of memories people have about Vermont

I have been coming to Vermont ever since I can remember when I was younger, my favorite time of year was summer because we always spent at least two weeks in the summertime visiting with my grandfather. I would also swim and eat ice cream as well as listen to a bunch of my grandpa’s old war stories.

I also have a vivid memory of taking my best friend Christoph here and spending endless hours in a tent in a garage during that time he and I had an idea for a treehouse that we could both hang out in at various times. This idea was the original inspiration for the separate space that I am in right now. I told my mom about the idea of a treehouse here and I showed her a plan that Christoph and I had drawn up and she thought it was a decent idea. It took a very long time. Complete, but eventually the garage was converted into a separate living space for me to spend my time in the only thing I was disappointed is that when I was younger. There were not too many kids my age to play with and I am mildly jealous of my brother because he was always more social than I was, so he has a lot more people that he knows down here, but I have come to realize that a good friend is hard to find them whenever and wherever you can.

Another memory I have in Vermont is of a place called Sam’s my parents and I discovered this place when I was 11 or 12 years old, and it had some of the best food I have ever eaten. They made hamburgers from scratch as close as someone could get without it being homemade. I also like the quantities of food you would have to bring homemade but I think the thing that they made the best where the fries I was very sad when I learned that Sam’s closed. If those individuals open a restaurant that is like Sam’s in the future do not hesitate to let me know because I will come to that location as fast as somebody can drive me.

Vermont to me is a state that feels like a small town or at least it does to me, and I hope that no matter what changes are in store for Vermont that aspect of the state never changes

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