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My Sister’s Wedding

November 12 th I attended my sister Jana’s wedding. Prior to the ceremony, the most

interesting thing I learned is that in D,C. a marriage license can be requested by mail. It

could be far more complicated than that but that is what it sounded like to me I am

guessing the pandemic may have influenced this process to make it easier, but maybe it’s

been that way for a long time. My dad told me that all Jana and Chris had to do was apply

on-line and fill out paperwork. I thought that my sister’s wedding would be something

like my parents where you simply have two witnesses and a judge. I am amazed that the

process has been streamlined to such a degree but given the restrictions of the pandemic I

guess I should not have been so surprised.

So, my parents and I went down to the Iron Gate restaurant which seemed like a fitting

place for a wedding. All the ceremony was the groom signing a document. After Chris

signed, Jana also signed it.

After that there was a lot of food. I attempted not to eat too much and I was successful in

not stuffing myself. After a couple toasts to the bride and groom and welcoming Chris to

the family we went home to rest before the next party.

We rested for what felt like 15 minutes but it was probably an hour or two. After resting

we made our way to Jana’s friend Allison’s home which, of course was bigger than

mine. (lol). I met a lot of people there. One was Pavony one of my sister’s friends from

college and who I have heard the most about. I apologize for misspelling her name. I also

met one of her co-workers, Christine, I assume she is a lawyer who works at the State

Dept with my sister.

I also saw another friend whose name I can’t remember who had stayed at our place for

awhile and who thanked us with brownies. That was very nice of her and I feel bad that I

can’t remember her name.

On a lighter note, I also saw Liz, and I have to say she is one of my sister’s most

interesting friends. I also met Chris’s father who I found to be very nice during our brief


This after party was hosted by Allison and Greg and they did a great job. At least in my

humble opinion. I was surprised that there was no pasta but that is not a big deal. And

maybe I just did not see it.

Overall, everything went smoothly. My only regret is that I could not have met more

people at the party.

I will end this by saying to Chris. Welcome to the family and enjoy the roller coaster ride

that is your life now! (lol).

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