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My vacation

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

If I remember correctly, my dad and I started the drive. The drive to Vermont at 4 in the morning on Saturday, we reached our house in Vermont at about 1 PM. The person who had rented my section had not left yet, so my mother made a deal with him so we could still use my place to sleep. If you want to, he had to be gone most of the day. He would return around four in the afternoon, and I would spend hours with my parents. The arrangement worked out quite well, although I hope next time my parents and I decide to go up to Vermont. I hope there are no renters around next time. The day after we arrived in Vermont, my dad and I went to an ice cream shop, and the icing was as good as I expected. There is one place that I miss in Vermont. This place was called Sam’s, and it had some of the best freshly made hamburgers and fries and other fast-food choices. I hope one day to find a suitable replacement for Sam’s in Vermont. It won't be easy to find a suitable replacement for that restaurant. One day, my mother took me to please call the devil’s chimney. I am not exactly sure why it was said that my mother did any more exciting things about that area. The fact that mountain lions breed around that area. The pastor closed around them and outlined breeding season to keep them safe. My mother and I did eventually find the path up to the cave itself, but my mother thought that it was too dangerous for us. She did show pictures of the area. It looked like a pleasant area—one other thing. My mother had a weird idea that she had befriended a squirrel. She seemed to forget that it was a wild animal, and it probably only saw her as a food source and nothing more. I felt like the time and while flew by before I realized it. We drove down to Cape Cod, where I met another of Mom’s friends. Honestly, I find it surprising that my mother has so much trouble finding people to relate to in my parent’s neighborhood. Of course, That is just the impression that we met up with my mother’s friend and his girlfriend. When we got to Cape Cod, I thought they would spend 1 to 2 nights with us. They ended up staying with us. Until the night before we went home, my mother’s friend used to be in the military, but I believe he is currently retired. I found them both to be genuinely nice people. I will tell you, though, that the man can talk to anyone about any subject. The coronavirus case count in both Massachusetts and Vermont has been low. That is why we felt it was safe to travel to those two locations. I thought that Marilyn would be in phase 3. By the time we got back from Vermont, sadly, we were still in phase 2

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