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Star Wars Original Trilogy Review

I have to say that my favorite character in all of Star Wars has to be Darth Vader. He's just this resilient force that keeps coming and is even more impressive than he is as scary considering that he's an amputee. Something that I find very note-worthy of Darth Vader was that he used outdated, quickly-assembled equipment while still being able to kick serious butt even with those limitations. I think also given the time this movie was made, they made Darth Vader's suit so versatile and ahead of its time. It functioned like a space suit as well as a life support unit, which I think is surprising we don't have anything like that for real today.

In that same vein, an aspect of Star Wars that I liked as a whole (and not just on Darth Vader) the best is the futuristic technology that is both shown and implied to exist. I like the kind of technology used such as prosthetic hands, magical fluid that would heal most wounds, and lightspeed travel to almost any place in the universe in a New Hope. I feel like it would be something super useful in real life to be able to heal wounds or travel from point A to point B at super speeds.

Now the thing I had a hard time coping with as the viewer was the development and maturing of Luke Skywalker. My issue with that during the whole trilogy was that I feel like I only saw bits and pieces of his maturing and development, then by the end, he's all of a sudden a fully realized Jedi knight. In the first few scenes of Luke in the first movie, he's just a regular boy living with his aunt and uncle on a moisture farm. And parts such as Luke visiting the old man, to being contacted by his old mentor aren't really clear on if it takes days, weeks, or months. Personally, I just thought the movies took place in a year's span, but I think including dates in the movie would've been something helpful for the viewer. And then somehow, in the intervening period between the second and third movie Luke has become a fully-fledged Jedi. This is never explained in the movie though it is referenced in the comic books that are tied in with the films. I don’t read comics, so I was not aware of what had transpired in the intervening.

Similarly, I felt that the gaps in clarity around the timeframes affected the year the relationship between Princess Lea and Han Solo. I felt like their relationship was forced because there were only vague indcations of romantic movies in the second movie, which are only slightly stronger in the third. All we kind of see is the jealousy Han has of the attention Lea gives to Luke since he doesn't know they're brother and sister.

In conclusion, I still enjoy the franchise as a whole. I think the lesson the franchise can always teach us is to always fight for what someone believes in, no matter what like how we see in Luke and Darth Vader. What are your impressions of it and do you notice the flaws in indications I think no matter what its flaws. What are your impressions of it and do you notice the flaws in it as well?


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