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Star Wars Visions Review

I just finished watching Star Wars visions and I have to say it’s a very interesting series. Granted, I think they could’ve made many more episodes than they did because there were so many different scenarios that they could've gone with, but all in all, I think it was a fantastic bunch of stories. They’re all self-contained stories that take place at different times and in unique locations. I didn’t like how all the stories ended with light versus dark. I did however like the last story I find it very meaningful because the reason why the Jedi had switched from light to dark was to save somebody they cared about, and it wasn’t for some absurd selfish reason. I think many people can relate to switching sides because somebody they care about is on that side, or somehow their loved one will be helped by them switching sides.

I do hope that if there is a second season of Star Wars visions that they can show the struggle that one has to go through when choosing aside. I also like the second to last story because the daughter who would’ve inherited the title had a household went with the Empire because she felt that it was the best decision for the family and not because she sought power anything like that. Of course, like any daughter betrayed by her father, who feels that they are owed position by birthright would feel that way. The young lady felt even though in the end, the father chose the right person to head the household. It also shows that a household isn’t necessarily the building you live in and is more to do with who someone surrounds themselves with.

I also liked the story about the two Darkside twins because the only reason the male was fighting against the female twin was that he had seen a vision and he didn't want it to come true similar to Darth Vader and his nightmare of losing his wife in childbirth. I do wish that the endings were more nuanced beyond the light vs dark concept.

All in all, have to say Star Wars Visions was an excellent collection of episodes and again I look forward to either the second season or more Star Wars material similar to Star Wars Visions. I recommend Star Wars visions to any Star Wars fan. I think you’ll find many parts of it that you’ll enjoy. I also think you’ll truly be amazed at the level of artistry they put into the lightsaber duels. I am curious to anyone who has seen Star Wars visions. What was your impression of it?

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