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That 70s Show Review

One show that I really enjoyed through the years is That 70s Show because it laid out a really good portrayal of someone maturing into adulthood from adolescence like their first job, getting fired, pleasing parents. I find the show very relatable and I like how it feels that way even generations after the show was filmed.

That 70s Show is primarily about the high school years of Eric Foreman and his friends. In his friend group, there is Donna, Hyde, Kelso, Jackie, and Fez. Donna is the next door neighbor and the girl that Eric has had a crush on for years. Hyde is the town bad boy as well as implied weed enthusiast, and of course all of Eric’s friends smoke. Kelso is a lighthearted individual who just enjoys having fun. Although in the show, he is portrayed as the dimmest among group. He has surprising success with women due to his model-like good looks. Of course, he is superficial and vain individual who does not think that his looks will fade. Jackie Burkhart is Kelso’s girlfriend for a majority of the program who Kelso cheats on constantly. Then there is Fez, the foreign exchange student, the show isn't clear on where he's from. He's a comedic character who's obsessed with porn.

Also, there is Eric's parents who play a large role in the show. Red, his father, is a war veteran who does not encourage his son's unique talents, and does not seem to appreciate what his son is capable of such as sewing and decorating. I believe that Eric’s father simply doesn’t understand his son, especially Eric's obsession with Star Wars and everything sci-fi and nerdy. Red is an overbearing father who expects perfection from his children. Though, he coddles Eric’s sister and gives her the benefit of the doubt when he shouldn’t. I also believe that Red is trying to toughen his son up for the real world. His mom, Kitty, is fairly competent nurse, but has a slight alcohol problem.

The show is primarily about Eric’s journey into adulthood; his experiences along the way, his difficulties with his deepening relationship with his next-door neighbor from friendship to lovers to somewhere in between throughout the years. The show takes place from 1974 to 1980, but even so, I think it's still relatable to this day. I think the show had a very solid ending, although I wish the main character had stayed through the entire series. There is a brief period where Eric is away in Africa, so the show has to focus on his friends dealing with that fact, but other than that, it's a good show that I would recommend.

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