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The Lion King - Animated Movie Review

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Continuing along with the Disney movie reviews, today we're talking about The Lion King. It's such a spectacular movie, especially seeing it as a kid; it's one of the more memorable ones and very emotional. Of course, I have the most to say about Simba. While I enjoyed this movie, I think it would've been better if they focused more on his maturing in terms of emotions, such as getting through feelings of guilt or grief. I think the music was spectacular. I loved the opening, "I Just Can't Wait to be King," and "Be Prepared."

I liked Simba and thought that he was a young lion who had very understandable character traits for a character who believes he will inherit the kingdom. As a young lion, he has a mix of naiveté and arrogance. Both features are understandable at his age. I wouldn't say I liked that Simba’s Father had to die to progress the plot. Also, I wouldn't say I like that they only showed one scene where we see what is going on with the pride while Simba was growing up. I thought Simba was an excellent main character; his cockiness and arrogance translated to what you'd expect, given that he wished to inherit the pride from Mufasa. The part of Simba I did not like so much was how easily he gained a carefree attitude. I know that the calm attitude hid his guilt over his father’s death, but still, I think the movie could have benefited from a little bit more time when Simba deals with his feelings over his father’s death. I understand this is a kid’s movie, but the sequences with symbols could have shown kids appropriate ways to deal with grief. I like that when Simba was confronted with his responsibility, although he initially balked at it. He eventually realized what he had to do.

I would not change the outcome of this movie; granted, it took a visit from Nala and a vision of his father to convince him of his responsibility to get Simba to accept what he needed to do. On a side note, I hope Marvel can show Disney how to keep their villains around for sequels since Disney always gets rid of them quickly. However, given the source material, I am satisfied with the ending we got with this movie. Mufasa’s death was one of the most emotional things I ever saw as a kid. I do think that Scar's plan was well thought out, and I think he deserved to die the way he did as a meal for his partners.

Did I think this movie had to be remade? Not entirely, but I understand why, such as the adjustments they made with the Hyena marching scene. Even with the updated graphics, I still prefer the original--I think it's 43timeless. I think the biggest takeaway from this film is that we should accept a more significant amount of responsibility while still being able to have fun. As well as not blaming ourselves for circumstances beyond our control.

There were some things I would change in this film, such as Scar and Timon and Pumbaa. If it were me, I would've kept Scar alive until the end of the second film or until someone decides to stop the possibility of the continuation of the Lion King franchise. And Timon and Pumbaa, I could've just done without. I think it would have been better if Simba had dealt with this grief on his own. Maybe talk to one of the lions who may have undergone the same experience and a training sequence where Simba learns to fight like a lion. Also, I think there should have been a sequence where he accepts his role in the circle of life.

I think this is an excellent film to see, especially one for teaching kids lessons in maturing and accepting responsibility. What are your thoughts on the film?

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