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Aladdin - Animated Movie Review

So recently I've been diving into movie reviews, and I came across some for Aladdin the live action movie. I was intrigued by the discussion, and it made me want to do a review for the original animated version since that's what I've seen. In the original Aladdin, the main things that I liked were the music, art style, and of course I had some favorite characters. I felt like I didn't see some of the characteristics most people saw in Aladdin, I thought he kind of lied too much, and there were some things I wish were different about how they handled Jaffar.

So to start off on a positive note, I really liked the music. My favorite song was "Friend Like Me" when Genie introduced himself. It was a pretty dancy, fun point of the movie. I also liked the art style, the story was pretty good for what it is worth, and I love the genie in my opinion--the genie stole the show. Basically acting like Aladdin's consciousness, and while Aladdin didn't always listen, Genie was a good angel-on-the-shoulder.

Now for the things I did not like. Aladdin. The one good quality he had was that he cares about his friends, especially his pet monkey. The worst quality is that he lies a lot. I know that's supposed to show that he's crafty, but he lied to Jasmine, his love interest, and for that to be successful, he should have been honest. I also didn't like the Sultan that much because of how childlike he was. If you're going to be the ruler of a kingdom, you have know what's going on in your own kingdom. It just felt like he was Jaffar’s puppet. For most of the movie, the Sultan didn't even know Jaffar was evil until the end, but by that point, he could not do anything to stop him.

And of course, we have to talk about Jaffar. Jaffar's character was excellent and I thought his punishment in the first movie was fitting. Though, I would’ve asked the genie to send him to some alternate dimension so that no one on this plane of existence could touch his lamp. I also think that Jaffar should have stayed around somehow until the third movie because I thought he was an awesome villain and I believe that good villains should always find a way back into the sequels. If Disney decided to bring in an awesome new villain, then yeah, Jaffar could've been cast in a different dimension or what have you. I love dimensions if you couldn't tell.

The biggest takeaway I had from Aladdin is don’t lie to people that you wish to get to know and be friends with or be in a relationship with. Dishonesty will always come back to haunt you in some way. I would recommend this film to any of the few Disney fans who may have not seen this. I also would recommend the romantics out there. Also, I would say check out "One Thousand and One Nights," which is where this story comes from. Have any of you seen this movie and what you think about it? Let me know in the comments.

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