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Frozen Movie Review

I've been thinking about doing this review for Frozen because I like how different from the other Disney movies. First and foremost, I like how it's not another man saving damsel in distress movie, but rather shows the strength of women. I think the parents were a bit unfortunate especially towards their daughters, then both of them being unable to see their daughters progress over time.

I thought the parents weren’t supportive of Elsa developing particular talent. I also didn't like how the parents separated Elsa and Anna. I also don’t like how the trolls told the parents that Elsa was some sort of threat because if you teach a person some good self-control and maybe have somebody who understands ice magic, they could have helped Elsa using her ice powers in a more positive way.

I wish she learned productive ways to use her powers other than making random snowmen come to life or random castles in the mountains. I have to say that I did not like her sister, Anna, that much. I found her to be too trusting of people as evidenced when she just randomly trusted some guy who sees her for the first time, breaking into song and now she thinks she’s in love. I found that to be the most disappointing part. Also, I still would like to know where they took Hans because it seems like the just deported, and you pretty much don't see him after they take him into custody. I would've liked to be surprised by who the main enemy is, but this one was poorly executed because they didn't show Hans' clear motive for taking over Arendelle. I’m glad that Elsa found them out before it was too late. I’m also glad that Elsa was saved by her sister and not by true love because I feel like Disney does the true love thing way too much.

The only thing I would’ve changed is at least have one of their parents live to see their daughters come out of their shells. I liked Elsa's character progression throughout the movie overall. In the beginning, she was too concerned with what other people thought and not enough concerned about what she wanted, but I’m glad she got over that in the end. Although, I wish she learned these lessons earlier. What I didn’t like was the random introduction of Christoph and how his shop seemed out of place because I would've expected it to be in the town rather than some path off the mountains. I also didn’t like how he talked for his reindeer who I didn't think needed to speak in the first place.

I think the main lesson you take away from this film is that women don’t need men to save them, and I'm glad that this wasn't another Disney movie where the man saves the damsel in distress. It also hammers home the point that you shouldn’t trust all strangers, even those that ask nice, because you never know what their true motives are unless you've know them for a while. I would not change the ending to this film. What were your takes on the movie?

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