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Friends show overview


Friends is a TV show that I found through reruns, and when I first discovered it, I thought it was stupid. In general, it might not have changed all that much, though I will say the characters have grown on me at least a little

Rachel is a young woman whose father has financially supported her for most of her life, but he decides to cut her off after she runs out on her wedding. She starts working in a local coffee shop, where her friends meet daily. Of course, she only got the waitressing job at the coffee shop because the owner liked her. She works at the coffee shop while searching for a job. She would be interested in it. She finds one at Calvin Klein, working at several positions at the company, but most notably as an assistant in the store.

There is also Ross, a paleontologist who works in the Natural History Museum; we learn that he is freshly out of marriage and has a child. There is also Chandler. He works in an accounting firm. There is Joey. He is an actor and an all-around flirt. He is searching for what many actors are searching for and one significant breakout role that will set him up for enormous success in the first few seasons. He does not find this role, although he works on days of our lives for a while.

Sadly, of all the characters' initials, he does not get any character development and stays the same throughout the show, which is very sad because he had as much potential as the other characters to develop as a person through the years. They just chose not to create them or leave him as comic relief. There is also Phoebe, a free-spirited individual who we learn has not had an effortless life. There is also Monica Rossi, the sister who works on jobs before discovering her passion for cooking. The show will bolt around these individuals and their struggles with relationships and balancing their personal and professional lives. One thing about the show that surprised me was that Julian Phoebe never tried to get together. They would have made a decent couple, but they could have done better. The most vital couple in the entire show was Monica and Chandler. Of course, they spent several seasons trying to date other people before discovering that they like the force. Relationship drama always drives them in some way, so that is not surprising. The worst couple in the group were Ross and Rachel. I will die on that hill because Rachel unintentionally sabotaged Ross's opportunity for happiness with another person besides her. Of course, I am sure that it was unintentionally sabotaged, but still sabotaged, it did not help Ross figure out a healthy way to have a friendship with Rachael.

I know we tried several times to do it, but his emotions would always get away; this could be illustrated in two instances. The one incident where they got drunk in Vegas and got hastily married only to get divorced a couple of days later in the other incident is when Ross attempted to marry Emily only for Rachel to interfere with that, causing Ross to say Rachel's name during the vows. Of course, this is understandable because Ross and Rachel dated in high school, and they never talked about their feelings for each other. The relationship would have been healthier if they had set clear boundaries when they first broke up, but what do teenagers know about boundaries? So again, their emotional confusion is understandable. The healthiest relationship was between Chandler and Monica. They discovered they had feelings for a cover later in the show. I would have expected them, but still, they represent the healthiest relationship in an entire show. I believe it. Again, I am surprised that Phoebe and Joey never got together, or at least tried to have a romantic relationship, at any point during the show. If Joey and Phoebe had a romantic relationship, The show would have had the show, and with every character finding their match, which I know is not how life works, it would have been an enjoyable way to end things again. The most vital couple in the world, Chandler and Monica, had the most character development of all the characters, plus Chandler liked Monica for who she was. Even though she was a bit high maintenance. The real genius of this show is that all the writers had to do was exaggerate characteristics already present in the cast, as I think about it.

A secondary theme of friends is the group support network, which most adults can relate to in some way. The themes of friends are timeless because every adult, in some way or another, is looking for their place in the world and a steady group of friends and partners to grow old with. Embodies the struggles of many working adults looking for a solid work-life balance. I recommend the show to everybody. If anyone reading this has seen the show, what are your thoughts? On the show.

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