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What I did on my birthday

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

I did not do too much on my birthday, though my brother did take me out for dinner that evening, so I chose Italian, so my brother and I went to Mama Lucia’s on 16th St.

The restaurant had a respectable number of customers, though it did not feel crowded. I expected the restaurant to require us to wear masks until we ate because I am aware that every restaurant's rules are different regarding masking, even though Montgomery County has lifted mask mandates. As of this time, I was impressed with the speed of the waitstaff. They quickly brought out the menus, and the waitress who served us checked on us occasionally. I understand that is customary practice, but it was still impressive, even with all the customers she served. She still was available to check on us. I think the thing I enjoyed the most was the garlic bread; I also thought both our meals were excellent. I had the Pasta covered in cheese, and my brother had the spaghetti with meatballs, which we split. I was so Focused On eating my food. I almost forgot that I had ordered a drink as well, so I was able to drink about half of it. I was very impressed with the food presentation. My meal was much bigger than I expected it to be, though. I finished most of it. We were able to box up some leftovers. I also decided to have a piece of New York cheesecake for dessert. The cheesecake was good, and I was able to finish it. Overall, I thought the service was exceptional. So, if anyone in the DC area does not feel like cooking one night, I encourage you to try this place out.

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Jane Butler
Jane Butler

Maybe you forgot about the family lunch BD party. It was a little hectic but the whole family was there to let you know we love you.

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