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Avatar the Last Air Bender Series overview

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

The story takes place in a universe where some people can manipulate one or two natural elements but only the Avatar can bend all of them all. In this series, the Avatar has been absent from the world for 100 years.

Sokka is a young normal boy who lives in the Antartica who wants to prove his worth to his people, the Southern Water Tribe. He is young and naïve and has much to learn both about the world and himself.

Katara is his sister. She’s young but talented and mature for her age. She is family-oriented and she cares a lot for others. She has a selfless personality.

Aang is the Avatar and the main character in the series. He is powerfuland spiritually oriented. Avatar is twelve years old in the series

These three characters are the most important characters of the series.

In the beginning, Sokka and Katara are arguing because Katara does everything for Sokka. They both live with their grandmother. The Tribe’s name is the Southern Water tribe, whose culture is loosely based on Eskimo culture. Prince Zoko and his uncle are hunting for the Avetar to bring him back to the Fire Nation to be executed. And regain Zoko's honor.

Katara breaks the Avatar out of the ice and introduces her and her brother. While he was gone a great war started that lasted for 100 years. The series is about the Avatar learning about his abilities. He goes around finding masters of different elements to teach him so that he can be prepared for the coming of a celestial body, which will enhance all his fire bending abilities. Also, he is being prepared to face and defeat Fire Lord Ozai who wants to finishe what his grandfather started and rule the world.

The Avatar has a short window of time to stop him. I recommend the series to everybody because there are elements everyone can appreciate. The characters are deeply motivated to save the world. I also enjoyed seeing the development of the relationship between Aang and Katara. Katara had many romantic options, however, she realizes his feelings for her are genuine and she realizes that her feelings for him are deeper than friendship. The last episode of the original Avatar series shows that with persistence and patience. Anything is possible.

I think this series is fantastic because of the amount of character development. I also recommend the series to future writers. I wish the series had been longer but overall it was fantastic. I’m happy they made a spinoff which is an exploration of the Avatar universe I think the Avatar series has a bright future.

There was a recent announcement that the creators will get a studio at Nickelodeon to do what they want to do with the Avatar series. I think that they can explore the future and the past. I look forward to many years of high-quality Avatar shows because I feel like the creators have found a solid formula of philosophical thinking and physical action. I have high hopes for the continued evolution of the Avatar universe.

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