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Batman The Long Halloween movie review

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

The first interesting thing about the movie overall was the fact that Batman was fairly new to the crime-fighting game and didn’t realize that he needed detective skills as well as his combat skills. I thought it was ironic that Batman thought he'd only need the physical skills to fight Interestingly there is so much more intellectual work that comes with it. I thought it was amusing how easy he seemed to think crime-fighting as a whole would be. Another surprising sidenote was Batman did not think to put the bulletproof glass on the Batmobile. I was also that Batman had such an advanced computer considering the time that the story looks to be set in like the computer looks way ahead of its time for something taking place in say the 40s. Of course, with many Batman stories, the period is always kind of hazy.

Furthermore, I felt that there was a very strong Godfather and Romeo & Juliet vibe to this film. There were lots of "within the family" themes and quotes that sounded very Godfather-y. And of course, there was Carmine Falcone’s daughter who was in love with Sal Maroney and did not tell her father about this for obvious reasons, mainly because she knew how angry her father would be because Maroney was her father’s enemy.

My favorite character overall was Harvey Dent because I think his descent into Two-Face was a very interesting journey, I feel like you saw the hints that he had a more violent personality earlier on, then later on after the acid, we see the other personality take control. Though, I enjoyed many of the characters' journeys in this film as well.

I also enjoyed the slow introduction of Batman’s rogue’s gallery and how well they fit into the story. It was a great subtle one-by-one addition instead of a sudden, boom they're all there. I especially liked Poison Ivy's presence in the film, the way that her powers were displayed, I feel like she was the most important villain from the rogue gallery. I also really enjoyed the character of Selena Kyle. It seemed to indicate that she was the child that Gilda, Harvey Dent’s wife, had to give up. I think this movie showed that she became a very important part of Batman's life. Of course, that is just my impression. Side note, I thought it was very sad how the voice actor of Selena Kyle in this film had passed away. I would've loved to see her again in another movie. And lastly, I thought the end of the movie when James Gordon’s children showed up last minute to Bruce Wayne’s house to trick-or-treat was a great way to end it; it was such a good juxtaposition and ending to the rest of the chaos of the movie.

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed both parts of this film and I hope to see more DC animated films made the same way. If you've also watched this film, I'd love to know your thoughts on it!

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