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Justice Society of America Movie Review

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

As you probably know by now, I'm a massive fan of the DC Universe, so today's review is about the Justice Society of America, which I just watched the other day. I thought the movie was overall fantastic. I enjoyed most of the characters, such as The Flash and Wonder Woman; though the story didn't have too much plot, I guess it did make sense for a DC film. Of course, I still know DC as a writer for some unique animated features, one of DC's greatest strengths.

The most exhilarating part of the plot that I was invested in was how Aquaman was under mind control. We see him and Wonder Woman square off, and he's an even match for her. I did like how they made one of the heroes want to fight against his side, but I wouldn't say I like how they did it. It would've been more impactful if they chose a deeper-level reason like deception versus mind control, which seems cheap. I did find it hilarious that Aquaman considers himself on the same level as God. I understand he was under mind control, but still, it's funny that he thinks he's superior. I hope the fight with Wonder Woman humbles Aquaman slightly and shows him that he should never underestimate his opponents.

Other than that, the plot was thin. One thing that would've made the story better was if there were actual Nazi counterparts to the superheroes, like a Batman vs Joker kind of feel. But it was just the notable superheroes facing off against a general Nazi army like they were ants.

I think the character that I enjoyed the most was Wonder Woman because this is a version who understood what it takes to win a war and didn't treat the enemy with kid gloves. I hate when heroes try to hold back and not hurt anyone, but Womerwoman went full force. I also liked the original version of The Flash. He dons that iconic helmet and is one of the more intelligent characters in the film.

In the end, The Flash learns that none of us know how long we have to live, so you should take your chance, especially in things like love and being in the present. However, I think there would've been more straightforward ways for him to learn that lesson rather than sending him through time. For example, Iris could've been captured by one of the villains, and he would've had to save her, thereby learning the same lesson he learned this time, but you know how DC loves that time travel. Again, I must reiterate that I'm not too fond of time travel. I'm still a fan of DC, though, and I look forward to the next DC animated film. To anyone who has seen this film, what are your thoughts about it?

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chris sullivan
chris sullivan
05 févr. 2022

I'll have to force someone we both know to watch with me...

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