My birthday weekend

I had a peaceful birthday, that was uneventful, but not in a bad way. My parents decided to celebrate on Saturday. My father made hamburgers and I had a bit of cake and opened some presents. I think the next cake I will get will be chocolate because that seems easier for somebody to make. The gifts I have received so far have been a towel and an ice cube tray. I was hoping somebody would get me a teapot that would not be too hard to find, but I understand that people want to get me the right one that will be the easiest for me to use. I don't fault him for wanting to get me the best time teapot for me, though I don't think I need anything too complicated. My dad got me a George Foreman grill to make hamburgers easier, which I will use eventually. My actual birthday was on Sunday. I went to the store and picked up hangers because I did not have enough. My father ordered Chinese food to bring to my house when my mother and I were coming back from shopping, which was good. What I figured out, though, is that leftovers normally only last one day at most. The food is good for a couple of hours, but after you store it, it'll only last a day. All in all, I think it was a really good birthday. I'm looking forward to what will be possible next year.

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