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My cruise experience.

My father and I went on a cruise for eight days. We flew to Florida and spent one night in the hotel. The next morning with the shuttle took a bit longer than we expected my dad ended up spotting somebody who wore a hat from a University His father attended. So, we talked to the man, and his wife while we waited for the shuttle. I will say that I was mildly concerned that since so many ships were in port at the time it would be difficult to find our ship, but we fellowship easily, and I will say I got half my steps that day. Simply by going up the ramp that led to the ship lol one interesting thing I learned was that we did not need to use our credit cards or money on the ship. I am not sure if this is true for all cruise lines, but I am certain they have something like what they are ship used are ship’s name was the jewel of the sea. The one thing we missed out on was a tour of the entire ship. The next time I see something like that. I am going to do it no matter how tired I am on the second day; my father and I attended a talk that went over buying things on the ship as well as buying things in different ports. Which was interesting. The lady spent a good deal of time explaining the benefits of buying diamonds on a cruise ship. Of course, I cannot understand that that lady oversaw. Seemingly all the shops are on board. I missed a portion of the talk because I had to use the bathroom, which thankfully was close by. One interesting thing I learned was that if a person purchases a trim package my dad did for me because of that drink package I got a cup that I could get free refills and I thought they are paid interesting all the stuff on the ship was incredibly nice. Of course, to be nice so I would not have expected anything else. However, I feel it is very rare to meet a person who genuinely enjoys the job we were woken up every day by our room attendant Prince so we could clean the room as well as make the beds. The room was on the fourth deck and a lot bigger than I expected it to be. There were enough outlets to plug in all our stuff. The one I will mention is that there did not seem to be a good place to put my father’s sleep apnea machine so I could use it while he slept. Other than that, though the room worked out quite well. I had a thought. While I was on the ship. I was thinking that there should be an event at some point during the cruise, where people could meet all the individuals on their floor. There was no such event as my cruise, but I think there should be. I went to the battle of the sex’s trivia were my side lost, but I think that was because the person writing the answers was just faster with a pen, but no big deal. I also went with my dad to the gym where we worked out for a while and then grabbed lunch. After that, we walked around a while, then went to dinner, which was at 515. On the third day, we just hung out at the pool. Sadly, there was no one who looked like they were my age that day. Of course, if there had been. I do not think I would have been able to tell because sadly enough of always felt like an older person trapped in a young body and I have always felt that I have never fit in with people who are my age. No matter what age I happen to be at the time. I have always found it easier to be around older people than people my age. I sincerely hope that changes eventually, but I doubt it will, on the fourth day we got off the ship and walked around for a little while. I got a drink coaster and I also realized collecting coasters is a good way to remember places that you have been to so that is what I am going to do from now on when I go on a trip collect things that will help me remember the experience. That night I decided to go see the woman King on the deck of the ship. They should always periodically to the movie theater. Of course, I did not know was going to rain that day. If I had I would have brought my windbreaker with a hood because it started to rain in the middle of the film. Thankfully, two people who saw me invited me to sit with them during the movie. Their names are Sheila and Randall. They are both in the Air Force and about to go by train to be helicopter pilots. I met six people. The names of these people are Miriam and Lindsay from Chicago. She and Randall Mike Annise and kelis Annise sat at the table next to us during dinner. She also used to live close to Tripler during the. I lived in Honolulu which I found interesting her family did a lot more stuff than we did lol the fifth day we went to see a show which was quite entertaining. The day after that we took a tour of the old city in America. Or at least it claims to be MS today. I took most of my pictures. The authentic kind of made me mad that day was just thinking how cool Christopher Columbus was to the native people of the region to the point where I wondered to myself why he was still celebrated, but the individuals in that region seem to have a clear understanding of what stoical events are important, even if the individuals who facilitated those events were not so great after the tour we went back to the ship had lunch, went to a comedy show I was not critically thrilled about, but it was funny enough that night. I also believe I saw a very beautiful young lady and sadly I froze up and did not talk to her, something I kick myself for every day after that and still regret to this day, and something I plan to make up for the next time I go on a cruise. I also plan to go to any singles event that I see advertised lol because I tried to go to one, but that did not work out. I will also say that the cruise director who played the bagpipes was not bad on the bagpipes. It was just that he should stick to tunes that were designed for bagpipes. The other thing I will do next time is make sure to take pictures whenever I can because there was an event where we could have taken a picture with the event planner icy, but I decided not to, and I regret that because I realize later that it would have taken a nice picture. We also discovered the section of the ship where all the adults around during the day. I also got a chance to try the hot tub which did wonders for my muscles. I also joked with Dad that it might have been a good idea for him to get the drink package for alcohol then he proceeded to tell me how much a person would have to drink to make that purchase worth it. In short, my dad felt that a person would have to be a seriously heavy drinker to enjoy the alcoholic drink package to the fullest. And I think my dad did not feel like he drank enough to warrant the purchase. I ended up getting a shirt, a cap with a strong cover which I thought was interesting, and a hat that I wear every day. In conclusion, my cruise experience was incredible. And I highly recommend that anyone take a cruise if they could go on a cruise. They should go for it. I know I am looking forward to the next time I take a cruise.

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