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My Mother's Suggestion

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

My mother suggested that I put all the things I wrote as a child into a book, although I'm into reflection and looking back. Writing this blog has always been enjoyable, I always had the idea that it would serve as a form of a diary, that so people can remember who I was when I am gone. So if anyone ever had a question as to what I was thinking during a certain time, they can go back and reference my blog. I did plan to put my childhood writings into the blog at some point, just not right now, but since this pandemic is making my life extremely boring, I figure why not give it a try? I do think my mother is a little bit overzealous about this project given that she is volunteering at the Red Cross at Walter Reed. I would think that would keep her plenty busy, but my mother has always seemed to have more energy than is normal, similar to the energizer not really, but it is pretty close. I think I will title the entries where my childhood papers are involved, the younger years I guess you could say I was more upbeat because I had not realized yet how much my cerebral palsy would affect my life.

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