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Godzilla Versus King Kong - Movie Review

I thought it was well done because I'm looking forward to the next one, which I never normally look forward to the sequel. This movie touched upon important facts on human nature that I don't think are talked about much.

The first point that it drove home was that no one always knows the consequences of their actions. In the movie, the protagonist, Walter Simmons, plays god in hopes of keeping humanity the number one species, but has yet to find out to not mess with nature no matter how benevolent the original intention was.

I believe another point that they were trying to make is that humanity is not as evil as we would like to think, but Simmons took it too far. I think it's because no matter how far we think we've come in terms of evolution, we will always have that primal need for some kind of control. I think that humanity has to realize that there are certain forces that we will never control or fully understand, no matter how hard we try. However, I am sure I am reading way more into this movie.

The human characters thought that they were controlling King Kong, which they found out later that they could not. They also believed that Godzilla was attacking places at random, which we found out he wasn't at the end. I do believe that Godzilla came to somewhat respect King Kong in a way, and I do believe in the next movie they will more easily team up if it becomes necessary. I also think sometime down the line that time will come. I am happy Kong found a place that he can call home again because he was growing too big for Skull Island.

This movie has also reiterated the point not to believe everything you hear or read, and to do your research into things that you're interested in. The movie shows you what happens when you just go along with your thoughts without testing or challenging them. And to piggy back off that, this movie also drew the point that everyone is a little crazy. All that matters is that we don't let our crazy thoughts control our actions completely.

I found this movie to be very engaging in terms of the lessons it had. At first glance, it looks like just another action movie, but is actually full of much more meaning. I recommend this movie to anyone who is a fan of monster movies, action, or science-fiction.

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