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My thoughts on The attempted insurrection a couple days ago

I would just like to say that the insurrection attempt by Donald Trump’s supporters was a truly disgraceful act. I know many of us to have differing opinions about many issues, some that are very close to our hearts, but no problem. We might be having in this country gives somebody the right to start an insurrection, and I would like to think that most people are not sheep. Who just blindly follow orders without first considering the consequences of their actions. However, there will always be people who do blindly follow orders. I cannot tell you how many crimes were committed. And then when somebody was brought up to face consequences for those crimes. Their simple defense was. I was just following orders a person should do things that they feel are necessary. In furtherance of their goals in life but that does not give anyone the right to try and overthrow the government. I hope that both parties can get stronger from this turmoil and I also hope that Donald Trump is a lesson to future generations of how fragile democracy is and I also hope that Donald Trump can be a lesson to future generations of how important it is to vote and select leaders who can push our country forward into the future.

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