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Robocop Movie Review

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

I thought about reviewing this movie today because it came on right after I was watching The Terminator 2, and this is a movie I've seen before. It has many relevant themes to today's world, such as corporate greed and monopolization and treating people like they're disposable. And I think the big question the movie seeks to answer is how much is considered still human after you start getting parts replaced with robot parts.

In the movie, we see Rick Jones representing corporate greed by incentivizing the gang to kill Robocop because he thinks Robocop will get in the way of their business, just like how big companies today just replace you if you do the slightest thing wrong in their eyes. And I feel like the setting in Detroit was just this massive playground for them to play with their projects. For instance, they took Murphy without his consent and made him a cyborg at their own will.

Robocop does well in his first trial runs of being an OCP pawn until he visits his old home, where memories resurface. When that starts to happen, we see Robocop gain some of his autonomy back and, eventually, begin to hunt down the people who killed him. Robocop ends up disposing of everybody who killed him, as well as the person who orchestrated his murder. Despite this being fiction, I think this is still relevant to real life because I believe a person's memories would overpower any forced thought.

This movie is the first in a series that I highly recommend because it raises crucial questions that I think need to be revisited occasionally. This will be the first in a series, and I recommend you watch the series in order. There was also a reboot in 2014 that I thought was pretty good for everyone who has seen this movie; what did you take away from it?

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