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She-Ra and the Princess of Power 2018 Animated Series Overview

This series is about a young girl named Adora who grows up in a place called the Fright Zone and raised by an organization called the Horde. The Horde led by a leader named Hordax, whose mission is to crush the Princess Alliance. In the beginning of the series, Adora is captured by the Princess Alliance and learns that the Horde is an evil organization fueled by the leader's desire for conquest. At least that's what it seems like in the beginning. We later learn that the leader of the organization simply wishes to return to his leader's side. As second-in-command at the right hand of Horde Prime, Adora discovers that she is the legendary She-Ra, a form she takes when she raises the sword to the sky and utters the words for the honor of Gray Skull, an organization dedicated to freedom. She turns into an 8-foot tall warrior with massive amounts of strength and a sword that can turn into any weapon she desires. She also finds a horse. She unknowingly uses some amount of her power to give this horse wings and the ability to speak. The horse calls himself Swift Wind and can somehow talk. A majority of the show has to do with Adora's adjustment to fighting on a different side. Then her best friend, Catra, turns against her for a majority of the show because Catra feels as though the Adora abandoned her throughout the series, you see the progression of both characters: one towards a bright future and one descending further and further into darkness until Catra realizes that she loves and wants to protect Adora at the end of the series. The two finally make their love for one another known to each other. Horde Prime is defeated. The ending is well-done and left open-ended enough so that if anyone wanted to do a continuation of the series in the future, they could, and I honestly hope they do at some point. The series also implies that Adora was stolen from an alien planet and that she has a brother who's never shown in the series. I feel like this was a missed opportunity because it would've been great to expand the universe and introduce the idea of He-man into the series, but I understand they wanted to do their own thing.

I thought the series was fantastic. I can't recommend it high enough and I also thought the creators did a great job with the way they depicted the relationships in the show. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to find a show that promotes a healthy view of same-sex relationships as well as a show that promotes female empowerment. I feel like the creators found a solid balance of promoting the things they wanted to promote without making the messages obvious, and I hope to see more shows from these creators in the near future.

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