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Terminator Two Judgment Day Review

So I thought about doing this review The Terminator Two after scrolling through the tv after watching some BBC America, when this popped on. It's been a while since I've watched the movie, and fun fact, I actually watched the second movie for the first, which really didn't make a difference in my opinion. Watching this movie again kind of made me feel like a kid again simply because this movie is the one that is mostly responsible for my interest in new technology in general.

I think the acting was impressive largely in part of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who I thought brought a certain level of humanity to a machine. I also thought the actor who played John Connor was great as well because he embodied the sense of a child who has not quite figured out what kind of person he will become because the seeds of greatness in him. And lastly, I enjoyed the actress who played Sarah Connor--I really feel like it's her character that dominates the film.

In this movie, I understand why the authorities and other characters think Sarah's nuts because what she was saying sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie. However, in this case, she was correct in the things she said and it was everyone else who was wrong. I also liked how well the actors of Sarah and John Connor played their roles--they really did feel like a family. Though, I do think when she had a plan to kill the guy who was going to create Skynet that was going a little far because all she would need to do is simply break into his house with the Terminator and tell him what was going to happen. I don’t think she needed to go to the extreme of killing him because she must've known deep inside that even if the creator died, somebody else would somehow re-create the research and complete the project some point down the line. However, I do understand her line of thinking, even if I think it’s a bit extreme.

I also really enjoyed the fight scenes between the T800 and the T1000 because it is a testament to the fact that even if you have an older model of something, it doesn’t mean it’s not ineffective in what is designed to do over time. And as long as the older model is functioning with proper replacement parts, of course it should always carry out its intended function.

Some things I did not like in this film include the two stupid orderlies that take Sarah back to her room after her first outburst with the head doctor the asylum because they are not professional at all. I wish the Terminator had killed them because they represent how messed up the mental health system in this country is. Sometimes I think the T1000 should have killed that doctor at the asylum just for higher stakes.

I know I’ve stated this in the past, I still believe that time travel is overused in science fiction films in general, but in this movie's case, the time travel services a purpose for the story and isn’t overused this time. I also feel that John Connor's foster family was underused and I feel bad that they died so early in the film because I think all in all they were good people. But I guess I can see that their small purpose was to highlight John Connor's rebellious phase. I also find it hard to believe that they would get across the border so easily given that Sarah Connor is technically an escaped mental patient, and her son is a truant from school, which would get the authority's attention in the first place. I would think they would have roadblocks set up and at least warned the border patrol, but of course, because of most likely run time and plot convenience, they didn’t show that part. Though, I would still like to know how they got past the border patrol.

In conclusion, this movie is wonderful and I recommended it to any action movie fan who hasn’t seen it yet or anyone who likes science-fiction. To anyone who has seen this film, what are your thoughts on this film?

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