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The Holidays: A Rant on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's

The holiday season/holidays in general, are something I generally don't understand. I do not like Christmas these days because of the over-commercialization of everything with it. Plus, the version of Santa Claus we all have come to know comes from bits and pieces of missed legends and the Coca-Cola Company who made a version of Santa Claus that was marketable. But I also find the season as a whole to be inconsistent, overhyped in parts, and underhyped in others.

In terms of the holiday season as a whole, I mostly know Christmas and New Year's since I've celebrated them my whole life, yet even for the ones I don't know as well, I feel like the true meaning of their celebration has lost some of its purpose as the centuries go on. Christmas, for example, I feel has lost its meaning because it has become more about the commercialism of getting gifts than the giving them out of love, which I think was the main purpose of the holiday in the first place. But if we're being really technical and go back in time a little bit, Christmas is actually about the birth of the Christian Savior. However, I feel most people have either forgotten about that or it’s become less important as generations have gone on. Despite that history, Christmas has become more about just buying gifts for people because people feel obligated to do so, at least in my opinion. I hate to say it, but America is a culture of instant gratification.

I also think Christmas these days is more for the children than anything else. I mean, yes, we have things we get for adults and all, but most of the focus is on kids in general and seeing their happy faces as they tear open gifts that they believe are from Santa Claus. Although, the thing that does kind of suck for kids as they grow up is learning that there is not Santa Claus. I’m sure there was a St. Nicholas at some point in time, but unfortunately for the kids, there aren't the little elves working in a magical workshop making toys for children.

Next, I also feel as though Thanksgiving has the historical significance to be as hyped as Christmas. Christmas pretty starts on Dec 1st with how much people talk about it, sing the songs, etc. I wish Thanksgiving also had that cultural element of being celebrated all month long, just like Christmas, and just like Halloween. Or at least a week. I think the thing I hate the most is that the instant one thing is over, it’s just gone from the mind and then we're onto the next thing.

As for the new year, I don’t have a new year's resolution, and I’ve also come to realize that having a resolution is kind of pointless because we often forget our resolutions two weeks or so after making it anyway. I imagine it can be useful to some to have a big New Year's resolution, but I think it’s more useful to see your resolution in smaller incremental steps because then they're more achievable. Moreover, I just think resolutions can be vague and people will give up on them because of that.

In short, I think we should space out our holiday seasons more and not just have one after the other after the other. And I hope one day we truly do get back to the true spirit of Christmas in which we take out the religious aspect, and it is just about giving without the expectation of receiving anything in return. What are the holidays you celebrate and how do feel they're portrayed in today's world? Hope everyone is happy and safe celebrating them all!

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