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The Matrix Movie Trilogy Review & Thoughts on the Upcoming Movie

So recently I heard of the making of the fourth Matrix movie, which I thought to myself is not necessary. Personally, I thought that the last Matrix didn't end with enough substance to keep going and the characters were pretty much wrapped up. I like the first Matrix movie, I think it was truly amazing. In general, the things they're able to do in the first one were incredible like bullet-dodging scene. I can see how it redefined movies for this generation.

The story was pretty good too, though, I am getting sick of the chosen one idea. I don't think a character needs to save the world and be a fated hero. I much prefer the Marvel style where it takes a team of people to save the world, not just one. I know it's the classic hero's journey formula, but honestly, I think that in every movie, you shouldn't point out who the hero is going to be. For instance, if I wanted to turn Star Wars on its head, I would make Leah the hero instead of Luke. To me, that is a much more interesting and surprising storyline and takes away the predictability. But like I said, I think the first Matrix movie was fantastic and very well-made, even if the chosen scenario was kind of predictable.

I honestly don't think the other two films were really needed, but I understand it was a very marketable movie brand purposes and lots of movies become trilogies. That said, I do think the next time a trilogy is made, the ending should either tie up all the loose ends and leave enough thread hanging that your reason to make another film. I think the third Matrix tied everything out quite well, and again, didn't have enough thread to make a fourth Matrix movie, but they're going to do it anyway.

In short, I do not think every movie made needs a sequel. I think some movies can be self-contained, the box character is presented the threat, they come up with a plan, it's resolved then done, i.e. The Joker. No need for a second movie. What are your impressions of The Matrix trilogy as it is currently? Are you looking forward to the fourth movie?

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