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The Matrix Movie Trilogy Review & Thoughts on the Upcoming Movie

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

So recently, I heard of the making of the fourth Matrix movie, which I thought to myself is not necessary. I felt that the last Matrix didn't end with enough substance to keep going, and the characters were pretty much wrapped up. I liked the first Matrix movie; I think it was truly unique. In general, the things they could do in the first one were incredible, like the bullet-dodging scene. I can see how it redefined movies for this generation.

The story was pretty good, too, though I am getting sick of the chosen one idea. I don't think a character needs to save the world and be a destined hero. I prefer the Marvel style, where it takes a team of people to save the world, not just one. I know it's the classic hero's journey formula, but honestly, I think that in every movie, you shouldn't point out who the hero will be. For instance, if I wanted to turn Star Wars on its head, I would make Leah the hero instead of Luke. To me, that is a much more exciting and surprising storyline and takes away the predictability. But like I said, I think the first Matrix movie was fantastic and very well-made, even if the chosen scenario was predictable.

I honestly don't think the other two films were needed, but I understand it was a very marketable movie brand purpose, and lots of movies become trilogies. That said, I do think the next time a trilogy is made, the ending should either tie up all the loose ends and leave enough thread hanging that your reason to make another film. I think the third Matrix tied everything out quite well, and again, didn't have enough yarn to make a fourth Matrix movie, but they're going to do it anyway.

In short, I do not think every movie made needs a sequel. I guess some movies can be self-contained: the box character has presented the threat, they come up with a plan, and it's resolved then, i.e., The Joker. No need for a second movie. What are your impressions of The Matrix trilogy as it is currently? Are you looking forward to the fourth movie?

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chris sullivan
chris sullivan
Oct 23, 2021

I think you raise an interesting and potentially important distinction about how people perceive some of the franchise movies out there. First though, I need to agree with you on the idea of the ''chosen one / tragic antihero' narrative. This is a familiar, well-loved, overused bit of story-telling.

I prefer to look at the major franchises as stories of family, friends, love, intersecting and overlapping journeys without a destination or end, per se - just the unfolding of a broader story and milieu.

One of the things that Star trek pulls off very well is exactly what you describe, but without as much of the spectacle or mystery of the unknown as other franchises like Star Wars and the…

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