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The Rise of Kyoshi book review

This particular book is about Avatar Kyoshi, 2 Avatars before Aang came along. I think her story is very interesting because of the political setting this takes place in, and balancing her personal life and Avatar responsibilities. We learn that she didn't even know she was the Avatar until much later down the road, and while she found it difficult, she comes around to finding balance in life.

I thought Kyoshi was a wonderful main character. I really liked her because she came off as just an average person, very humble, and never full of herself despite being the Avatar. I feel like she'd be someone you could meet on the street, and you wouldn't know she has this deeper side to her. I thought her struggle to come to terms with the fact that she was the avatar was fascinating and also understandable because it would be difficult for anyone to come to terms with the fact that they were the physical link between the spiritual and physical world. I’m surprised she came to terms with it so quickly.

Plotwise, I also enjoyed the fact that she became friends with her parent's gang when trying to find an earth-bending instructor, the depiction of the criminal underworld in the book, and the fight sequences. The one thing I did not like was how the master of the household where Kyoshi was staying was so obsessed with power and control that he sacrificed his student to a powerful spirit called Father GlowWorm after realizing that Kyoshi’s friend was not the actual avatar.

I would not have changed anything about the ending of this book. I recommend this book to any fan of The Last Air Bender TV series. What did you guys think about Avatar Kyoshi's personality?

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