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These are some things I strongly believe in

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

My sister asked me the other day. What are some things sked me to list three of them. I will list them in order of importance to me but there will be more than three. First, I believe the planet is in trouble because of worsening environmental conditions. The human race needs to get to a point where we can live sustainably without causing more damage to the natural environment. We need to save forests for their contribution to air quality and for the beauty of trees in general.I am not against eating meat. But, we need to find a way to treat the animals more humanely. I am a huge fan of a couple of sustainable alternatives to For instance, I like the idea of making chicken out of the cells of chickens so we do not have to kill so many. I am in favor of eating more seafood which is better for you, anyway. Second, I think that every dog or cat deserves a good home and to live a full life. I understand there are other cultures that may not think the same way but some cultures revere certain animals or at least want to live in harmony with nature and animals.There is no excuse for abusing an animal. Third, I do believe that humans are not alone in the Universe. We need to be prepared to be humble when we finally know this to to be true. Science fiction, can, and has predicted various possibilities. I understand that we cannot count on the fact that alien life will be anything like us and might have different priorities to our own. At this time I believe in the democratic party over republicans. The government should reflect our core beliefs and should not favor making rich people richer. I am glad President Biden is concerned about all citizens. I believe there should be strong safeguards against the democratic system falling apart. The series Star Wars taught me how fragile democracy truly is. Recently the insurrection in Washington DC Jan 6th encouraged by former president and his supporters has shown me how gullible and ignorant many citizens are, Other examples include early Rome as an example of how easily democracy can fail. I strongly believe in the death penalty as an option for the worst criminals. I understand it needs to be used as a last resort, but still, I think it needs to be an option and nothing anyone says can change my mind about that. In conclusion, these are just some of the things that I strongly believe in. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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