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Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the Most Dangerous Man Review

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

I can't believe it's already December 2021, and a short year ago, we were getting out of the Trump era. Thinking about that made me remember I read the book by Mary Trump and reviewed it; however, it was just on a different platform. So, today's review will be my thoughts on her book. It goes into great depth on the family dynamic, like how Fred Trump Jr. was disinherited, whereas Donald wasn't. I think it was very informative, engaging, and quite possibly the best book I've read within the last year!

I found this book incredibly interesting because it explained the reasons behind Donald’s very peculiar behavior. It discusses how Donald Trump’s father did not care very much for his kids, only enough to the extent that his children’s particular skills could serve him. She goes on to explain that her father, Fred Trump Junior, never showed the attributes that Donald’s father was looking for in a successor to his business. The book gives the impression that Donald, unlike his brother, learned that a person should do anything to get ahead in life, even if it's at a cost to other people.

This book also shows that Donald Trump was not much of a student and did not care about studying. The best example is when he paid a classmate to take the SAT. Donald Trump was such a poor student that his father thought that sending him to military school would toughen him up, and in a way, it did because it taught Donald Trump never to back down, no matter if he was right or wrong.

This book also points out that Trump wasn’t as good a businessman as he portrayed himself. I know I’ve stated this before in previous posts, but he had six casinos that all failed, and the only reason he could keep the casinos running for as long as they did was because his father bailed him out. I think the bailouts and special treatment are because his father saw something similar in Donald; he saw the same ruthless drive in Donald that drove him forward. From what I read, I feel like Donald Trump felt that the best method of getting through life was to emulate his father in every way possible. The only real difference, it seems, is that Fred Trump Sr. was able to maintain a marriage long-term, whereas Donald Trump has gotten divorced four times lol. The one big thing Donald Trump has failed to learn is people. He does not care about the people who worked for him but fails to understand not to mess with the wrong people. The part that was not surprising at all was that Donald Trump enjoyed both fighting and enjoying having the finer things in life.

One thing I've found consistent amongst the books I've read about Donald Trump is that he has44 a flashy exterior of being rich but not very much substance beneath it. The book also explains that Trump has almost always been rude towards people who did not like him and that Donald Trump was his father’s mouthpiece throughout his life. He has felt like he is living in the shadow of his father. And I didn’t think it was possible, but this book made me hate Trump more than I already did because it revealed more awful things he's done that weren't as obvious. For instance, he'd use poor-quality materials in his construction, underpay or overwork the workers, and then bring in all the profit towards himself. Not to mention, he tried to fluff his results in a poll to make himself seem more prosperous than he was. And last but not least, he and his family are known for dodging taxes.

In short, this book has shown me that Donald Trump will throw anyone he no longer deems helpful in the wolves and somehow justifies it to himself as a necessary sacrifice to further his own goals. And he is a person who only thinks in terms of immediate gratification. I wish to reiterate that this book was excellent, and I highly recommend that anyone who wants to have a profound understanding of who Donald Trump is read this book. To anyone who is reading this book, what are your impressions of it?

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