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Victor Reader Stream Review

One of the best adaptive devices I've ever had the pleasure of using is the Victor Reader Stream for its multiple capabilities. Its primary feature as a recording device is to help dictate, plus has many more features with its ability to connect to Wi-Fi. It's useful for taking notes, puting down ideas, or using in class especially for anyone who is visually impaired like myself.

One of the things the Victor Reader can do with Wi-Fi is download books directly from the library. I love books, so I use Victor reader everyday to do just this. I think another interesting feature that the Victor Reader has is the ability to download and play podcasts, which is something I honestly never expected any recording device to be able to do that. It can download materials using the Wi-Fi connection, too. You can also play music on different radio stations if you're near Wi-Fi. Also, the quality and range of the audiobooks I download is excellent. I can download any book from the library for the blind.

The Victor reader comes with a charging cable and a small USB cable that is used primarily to transfer books that are mailed from the library for the blind directly onto the digital player. The Victor Reader's recording quality is also excellent because it picks up things that I don't even hear--and that's saying something because I have excellent hearing. The Victor Reader can even download updates over Wi-Fi, and with proper care, the Victor Reader can last up to seven years. At least that's how long my first one lasted, so I use that as a baseline to judge its lifespan. Though, I am a heavy user of it, somebody who uses it regularly can expect a Victory Reader to last for at least five years, but again my first one lasted longer than that.

The overall quality is excellent, which is great for the blind and physically handicapped. I view several different kinds of assistive technology, such as Dragon, naturally speaking and Kurzweil technology to speed up and improve my writing, which the two technologies do excellently. However, my favorite piece of technology, so far, is the Victor Reader Stream. It's compact, user-friendly, and an extremely useful technology. I recommend this device to anyone who is visually impaired or blind.

If you want to check it out, here is the Amazon link.

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