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I know this is a story from a while ago but I still think it's important to share. There was a report done by the BBC a few weeks ago about a different way to make meat products without the time-consuming slaughter process. We currently use in this test they used chicken self. They took chicken cells from a live chicken put in the bioreactor and in this case they made me a product that the reporter said tasted very similar to chicken nuggets. I hope one day to taste similarly produced meats. It does sound like a more sustainable way to eat. The other thing I heard about recently was a seaweed form. I know seaweed is edible. I look forward to seeing the new ways they use it. They said the seaweed should be a part of a massive project, they called the blue economy, which in layman's terms means that they want to find new ways to use the ocean which I would've just called

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