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Young Justice Series Review

Young Justice is a series that I have slowly but surely become a fan of because the series tells a unique story about the DC universe’s sidekicks of the main DC heroes and how they grow into heroes of their own. The original group consists of Batman's sidekick, Robin aka Dick Grayson, Green Arrow's sidekick Red arrow aka Roy Harper, and Flash's sidekick Kid Flash aka Wally West. But the great thing I like about the series is that it brings in so many more superheroes in addition to the classics and many of them have unique within their superhero duo. I also like this series because it takes important topics and translates in a way kids can understand like racism, prejudice, etc.

The series starts at the Hall of Justice, where the Justice League main members are called away on an urgent mission thus leaving their sidekicks alone in the hall. However, another emergency comes up where the young sidekicks decide to take on the mission, which was to break into Cadmus and discover what their nefarious plans are. I really liked this part because it showed how the young heroes were tenacious in their roles, and would do things before asking for permission.

During this mission, a lot happens. For one, the sidekicks discover a young clone of Superman who originally acts as Cadmus's ultimate defense. However, the team was able to calm him down and gets him to think on his own. He tells them that his name is Connor and that he was meant to replace Superman if necessary. It is discovered however that the young clone does not possess all of Superman’s Kryptonian abilities just yet. I thought this scene was interesting because I've always been interested in cloning especially since you can see how the environment affects each one differently.

After these events happen, Superman is very displeased to discover that the secret government organization has cloned him, which I think was one of the more interesting hero duo dynamics we see since we see that most of the hero + sidekick duos get along much better. In contrast, I think the best duo in the show is Batman and Robin since I think their family relationship has a huge part to do with that.

In the end, the young heroes' mentors are displeased that their sidekicks did not stay where they were placed, but their disobedience does reveal a new organization to the Justice league. Ultimately, I think their decision to deviate from their guidance was justified because of the important information that came out of it. This leads to the Justice League deciding to make a black ops team that will do missions that the Justice League does not have time to take care of themselves. As the season progresses, we meet more young heroes, which are at the tail end of the training with their mentors, so they begin to gain new members rapidly. Incidentally, I think the animated series does a better job of folding in these new characters than the live-action films. Lastly, he organization that the young heroes discover is called The Light, which is an ironic name given that they prefer to work behind the scenes.

I would recommend this series to anyone because it is a series that allows its characters to grow up and mature people of many different ages can relate to many of the struggles that the characters go through again. I think this series is fantastic and well worth watching. To anyone else who has watched the show what are your thoughts on it so far?

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